About the Artist



Kimberley Monahan Dady

What inspires me and my paintings

I received my formal training from The Atelier Studio of Fine Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The Atelier's art program is focused on the time-honored tradition of classical art training. 
The founder of this school, Richard Lack, was passionate about holding on to the Old Masters apprentice training methods before they could be lost, as many contemporary art schools and colleges were not using them.  After completing my four years of study, I began teaching at The Atelier.  Teaching art is a wonderful way of sharing the gifts that I have been given, and, in the process, I am constantly learning as I help my students work through their unique struggles.  I started drawing at the age of ten, with my artistic mother giving me critiques.  After working in commercial art for several years, I was thrilled to find a place of great contentment and satisfaction at my first fine art class.  

 "I am inspired by the Russian Master Ilya Reppin, the Swedish Master Andres Zorn, and by the American Masters John Singer Sargent, Edmund Tarbell and Joseph DeCamp.  I feel their impressionistic, painterly styles are powerfully dynamic and drenched with bold statements about the beauty of life.  Engaging art for me conveys the drama of light, harmonious color, beautifully painted edge relationships and compositional dance.  It is my goal to represent the perfection of nature with my developed language of painting the best that I can."


1415 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN, 55105
United States